Mala Assembly to meet on March 28

Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani
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MALAITA Provincial Government will resume its full Assembly Meeting on 28th March, with the 2022-2023 budget high on the agenda.

Premier Daniel Suidani confirmed this on Monday as the MARA government looks forward to welcome the non-executive members to reconcile in Auki.

Suidani said the total budget is still to be finalized before it goes through the Public Accounts Committee for scrutiny.

Non-Executive Member Edward Misite’e said they are willing to sort out their grievances and ill feelings with the Executive Members in order to pass the budget, which belong to the people of Malaita.

Misite’e said they are waiting for the Premier to set the date for the reconciliation before they travel over to Auki.

He said the reconciliation should be happening before the Assembly meeting.

The Non-Executive Members and the MARA Executive had a strain relationship following the failed motion of no confidence last year.

Mover of the motion, Elijah Asilaua withdrew the motion following a public protest in Auki, who wanted the MARA government led by Premier Daniel Suidani to remain in power.

The public believed the motion was backed by the National Government who accused Suidani of standing against the diplomatic switch from Taiwan to China in 2019.

This led to the non-executive members boycotting the revised budget session last November and some of their members resigned from the Public Accounts Committee.

The revised budget was passed without the PAC scrutiny and presence of the non executive members.

With the budget meeting coming up, it is important for the non-executive and Mara Executive to come together to pass it without playing any political games again because the people will be the victims.