Villagers concerned over illegal brewing



COMMUNITIES around Vella la Vella Island are concerned over the rise in illegal brewing.

A Mr Stanley tells Islands Sun that youths are heavily involved in the practice, and calls on the police to do their jobs and crack down on the issue.

“We are concerned about our communities so Crime Prevention Committees are trying to tackling the long-discussed issue right now affecting our young youths, but still most of our young people still mixing homebrews.

“They’re working on the illegal brewery business and we are trying to helping our communities to battle against the rise of illegal brewing.

Stanley says the elders, men, women and children in the communities of Vella la Vella island are fed up with this problem, and they just want it to stop.

He adds that the communities are willing to help police stem the problem.

Stanley laments that the practice has led to a decline in the number of youths observing or being interested in cultural values and traditional principles.

He calls on the leaders of Vella to help by introducing programmes which would help engage youths, hence prevent them from being lured back to ‘homebrew’ due to boredom.

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