Church reconciliation in Buma



FIVE tribes living in the Anglican community of Buma in West Kwara’ae reconciled with each other over the weekend.

The reconciliation was a spiritual healing held for the people to pave way for the work of the church in the community.

Buma parish priest, Fr Willie Mae said since he came to the Buma parish, he has seen that the life of the people was not in accordance with the Christian principles stated in the Bible for good spiritual life.

“I see there is a need for believers to be healed and restored to the power of Christ, having common understanding to save the lord.

One of the tribal leaders in traditional outfit leading his tribesmen and women as they presented their gifts during
the ceremony.

“In doing that, I work with the tribes to unite them together and heal from differences they might have,” he said.

Mae said tribes include, Rara’asoa, Kakala’a, Limito’o, To’o En Robo, and Rakona and Bina tribes live in Bina community.

“During the course of the work, I went to each tribe and ask if they had ill feeling or anything they never work well on with other tribes and forgive each other.

Another tribe partakes in the reconciliation ceremony on Sunday at Buma Anglican Parish in West Kwara’ae.

“The reconciliation ceremony has nothing to do with land issues, politics chaos and others, thus it is mainly to restore and reconcile the spiritual being of the people in the community,” he said.

Mae explained that in order for him to do his work with the people, he must first heal and restore them.

The senior priest assured that he will roll out with the same reconciliation initiative in other communities in the parish.

A tribe leader signing the reconciliation certificate witnessed by Deputy Director of Malaita Provincial Peace and Reconciliation Office, Mr Thomas Puahanikeni (middle) and one of his staff.
Retired bishop Raymond Aumae (back), Buma Parish Priest, Fr Willie Mae (left) join with the leader representatives of the tribes in the reconciliation ceremony at Buma community in West Kwara’ae.

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