Businessmen offer school bus transport


TWO local businessmen have shown interest in running school bus transportation within Honiara City to address the problem students face with catching a bus in the mornings.

Honiara City Council reveals the two local businessmen have given their proposal to run a school bus service for students.

HCC said they will consider the two applicants but will choose only one.

Chairman of the Taskforce for Transportation, Mr Eddie Ngava said “We have two local businessman sent their business proposal, and we still waiting for their respond for us to help them.”

He said at the moment HCC has not received any update information from them yet.

Hopefully discussion will come to fruition in the coming months, he said.

Ngava said Council is responsible for running public transport, but it is also in favour of promoting local businesses prosper.

“If Council run the services, we will deny our private businesses in Honiara but we plan on taking on board but at this point of time Council did not want to carry out yet.

“Current government want to look at offering free enterprise to local businessmen in the country.”

Ngava said the number of buses and the identities of the businessmen will not be released at this stage, however hints that the buses will be big 36-seater ones or larger.

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