Western Province appoints new ministers


BILLY Veo wasted no time following his election as new premier of Western Province, Monday, appointing his new executive on January 10

The executive members took their oath yesterday in front of the Speaker of Western Province, Commissioner of Oath and officials from Western Province’s Administration.

Here are the new ministers and their portfolios:

Premier Billy Veo – Minister for State, Community and Ecclesiastical Affairs

Carlrick Runimetu – Deputy Premier, Minister for Finance and Treasury

Pitrie Sute – Minister for Lands, Housing and Physical Planning.

Gordon Zebo – Minister of Education and Human Resource Development

Alesina Redfern – Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Aid Project Coordination

Jennings Movebule – Minister of Commerce and Investment

Ron Kituru Ghemu – Minister of Culture and Tourism

Jenty Isaac – Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Stutcliffe George – Minister for Energy and Natural Resource

Brian Lotikena – Minister of Transport, Works and Communication

Kenneth George Minister of Health and Rural Water Supply

Richard Beck – Minister of Women, Youth and Sport Development

Fredrick Alepitu – Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

In his short remarks during the swearing-in ceremony, Premier Veo said he is confident that his executive will carry out the tasks successfully.

“After spending weeks with these leaders, I’m confident that they will deliver their mandated tasks.

“I hope and believe that my executive will perform in a highest standard and professionalism,” he said.

Veo said he expects his ministers to start mobilizing and get to work as soon as possible as Western Province needs to move forward after the long halt since June last year.

He said his government will work closely with Western Provincial Administrations and the office of the speaker to make sure needed developments are achieved and also services are effectively delivered.

Deputy Provincial Secretary (Acting Provincial Secretary) of Western Province, Patrick Toiraena told the executive members that the provincial administration is looking forward to support the new government.

“We are just implementers of government policies and at the same time delivers needed services, as such we are looking forward for your cooperation and supports,” he said.

Toiraena said Western Provincial Administration gives its support towards the new government.

He congratulates the new executive for their appointments.

Speaker, Ramrakha Talasasa shared similar sentiment saying that the Assembly Office will behind the appointed executive.

He urged that executive to support the Premier in delivering the government’s policy.

“Our Premier needs you so as the people needs the government. Our cooperation is paramount,” Talasasa said.

The new government of Western Province consists of seven former MPAs and six new ones.

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