Vasuni assures province they are doing their best


CENTRAL Islands Provincial Government Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni assures CIP’s citizens that their Executive is doing their best to lead despite negative challenges.

It has been reported last week that there is currently an ongoing attempt to oust the current Premier which has raised many queries from the province with many locals not supporting such move.

Locals said continuous political disturbances are what are affecting the province to develop further, suffering for a long period now.

“Let the Provincial Government finish their mission for these last couple of months remaining as they are currently doing great for the province,” said concerns.

According to the Premier Hon Vasuni, he has no fear of such move being confident of his Executive Government number to still be intact.

The Provincial Executive Government of CIP is currently trying its best to stop such influence that will affect the provincial government’s leadership.

A former government leader of CIP and Ngella Constituency is revealed to be behind the move in which the motive is not clear assuming maybe because of political interest.

Under investigation, three MPA’s (two from Ngella and one from Russell) have confirmed receiving phone calls for the plan to oust the Premier.

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