Youths allegedly robbed tourist in Wairokai must be apprehended


A COMMUNITY elder of Wairokai in West Are Are has urged the police to investigate and apprehend youths allegedly involved in a stealing incident against a tourist in Wairokai.

Community elder, Mr Jackson Keni’oma made the statement appealing to the police to apprehend the youths and to make them face justice for their actions.

He stressed that the community must work together with the police in investigating the matter.

Mr Keni’oma said it is known that the incident was already settled by the victim and chiefs in Wairokai, but that doesn’t stop the law to take its course.

“So the only way to rightly deal with people when involving in such nasty activity is to let the law deal with them, so they can learn from what they did.

“They should not evade the law and anyone else in the community must not harbour them for that matter,” he said.

Mr Keni’oma said the incident is an embarrassment for the people of Wairokai and it only tarnished the reputation of the community.

He said such anti-social behaviour should not be encouraged in the community and everyone must work together to fight against such crimes in the community.

On the other hand, Mr Keni’oma also called on the police to swiftly conduct investigation into the incident.

“I already reported the matter to the police, but since than nothing has happened as expected from the police.

“During the course of the incident I reported it to Maka and their excuse in respond to the matter was on lack of staffing.

“The same happened with the police in Auki. When reported the incident to them, they said they didn’t have fuel to go to Wairokai,” he said.

Mr Keni’oma said faced with that difficulty, on Thursday last week he went to Auki and proposed a transport arrangement for the police from Hauhui to Wairokai, but this was not considered.

He said he understands the difficulties faced by the police, but urged them to be prepared at all time for any reports that might reach their office at any time.

According to recent media report, the youths robbed a bag-pack containing some valuable items and a bike own by an Australian, Mr Oliver Wisden.

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