Varivao gold kava grows in US market


Solomon gold kava is the best quality kava now in the world

SOLOMON Islands has another jackpot in the making, with local kava making a name for itself in the US market.

The US market is now eyeing the Solomon gold kava produced by Varivao Holdings.

USA eyes Solomon Kava because it has quality compared to other products in the world, and demand is high in the international market particularly the US market.

Solomon gold kava, as process production of Varivao holding, has been tested at US laboratories for a number of times and is still confirmed as best quality kava.

According to Varivao holding, the result comes from hard work to get only three best kava varieties to maintain processing standards to serve Solomon gold kava to both local customers and international customers.

They said kava production plays a pivotal role as well towards economic and social development of Solomon Islands, which is described as one potential cash crop to support country similar to copra, cocoa and palm oil export.

Varivao explained Solomon Islands has a population of 600,000 plus people, and if the nation plants 600,000 kava plants in a year the country might receive $840 million in return.

“This is 85 percent for rural people’s earning which they will benefit much on in terms of kava industry,” the Varivaos statement said.

“This is not a joke Varivao holdings limited has overcome and had penetrated risks and now is making way for Solomon Islands to make use of this great opportunity.”

Varivao holdings Ltd had visited some main provinces to confirm three best kava varieties for farmers to plant and to avoid planting wild kava which grows wildly in the bushes.

Young Plant of the Solomon gold Kava produce by Varivao Holdings Ltd

“The country is very lucky that Varivao has started up the industry, done researches which now identified only three best kava varieties hit the world market.”

Varivao holdings has increased its export to the US market to two metric tonnes per month.

At the moment supply for kava from local farmers is not enough to fill a 20-foot container to meet global demand.

Varivao comments that the Ministry of Agriculture should focus more on cash crops which will benefit the country’s 85 percent population, which reside in the rural areas.

Varivao encourages kava farmers and citizens who are planning to become kava farmers to plant only three recommended and accepted kava varieties;

  • The purple kava planted at Santa Cruz
  • The light green kava originated in Isabel
  • The heavy bigger leaf kava originated in Isabel.

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  1. I want to start ordering the kava powder because i see that when the kava is now the most good where the people use everyday

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