Maepio commends first-ever women policy



WESTERN Province Premier Wayne Maepioh has commended the first-ever women’s empowerment and transformation policy for the province.

Mr Maepio said this policy will empower and transform women to change their status quo and demand improved services and development for improved livelihood.

“This policy is not intended only for the Division of Women Youth and Sports but calls for a whole of government approach to ensure its effective implementation.

“A multisectoral approach to address gender and women issues calls for all sectors across the provincial government, civil society organizations, faith-based organisation, the private sector, and communities to take ownership of this policy and responsibility for the implementation of key strategies and actions spelt out in this policy, specific to their mandates.

“It is the hope of the Western Provincial Government that this policy will provide opportunities for further collaboration with the National Government particularly the Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs.”

Maepio adds that he expects donors and development partners to provide support for the province in its endeavour to empower women.

He acknowledges that being the province’s first-ever policy on women, the Western province will meet its fair share of challenges, but reassures public that his government is prepared to counter and tackle these challenges.

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