USAID SCALE project sinking, COP resigns  


THE USAID SCALE project in Malaita province is reported to be sinking as its Chief of Party, Dr Morgan Wairiu, who is trusted to fulfill the project goals is no longer with the organization.

The USD25m program, on the other is yet to display anything tangible while Malaitans are still waiting to realize the ultimate goals of the project.

A well-placed source in Auki told SunAuki on the dull projection of the project, whilst the 5-year project has less than 2-years before it ends.

The sources said that since its famous inception in Malaita in 2020, the so-called USAID funded SCALE program is yet to show anything tangible as expected by Malaitans.

It said one of the main implementing partners of the SCALE-NRM, Winrock has only less than two years to achieve and fulfill what is expected by Malaitans before the project ends, but is still struggling to make convincing achievements.

The sources claimed the project’s failure to achieve expectations could result in people leaving the project before its final one and half years dawn on them.

One reliable source from MPG said the COP of SCALE-NRM, Dr Wairiu who was trusted to fulfilled the project goals may have anticipate failure and decided to abandon the project.

The source claimed that he resigned at the end of December 2023 and abandoned the project, leaving staff and those associated with the project baffled.

Other sources close to the USAID funded Winrock said Dr Wairiu left on medical grounds, but if he still works with other groups, it is clear the project outlook is dimmer for Malaitans.

And for others who benefitted from grants also claimed that they received tools that cannot make any considerable impact to the lives of people.

“In fact, what RCDF are giving out like copper have significant impact”, one source said.

The source said the USD25 million project is yet to materialize in Malaita and hope is narrowing as it only has less than 2 years until 2025 for the project to end.   


  1. Those USAID must not stop in malaita they must continue cos if they stop the corrupt gavman gonna push in the Chinese company in side malaita to destroy our resources

  2. Fellow Malaitans don’t loose hope but have faith from above that USA is always ready to help those are in need. Keep praying as always. Amen!

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