Japan equips MMERE with advanced equipment


The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification got boosted with advanced equipment funded by the Government and the people of Japan.

At a groundbreaking handover ceremony on Wednesday 8 February 2024 at MMERE headquarter, Japanese Ambassador Miwa Yoshiaki handed over the equipment to Permanent Secretary Dr. Chris Vehe.

The handover was witnessed by senior officials from MMERE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Japanese Embassy and the media.

The Ministry took delivery of vital equipment including Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer, Gas Chromatograph, and X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer and a double cabin hilux to support the Geological Survey Division.

In his remarks at the occasion, His Excellency Miwa Yoshiaki said, “I am honored to be here today for the handing over ceremony of equipment’s related to the Project “Enhancing Capacity for Geohazard Monitoring and Disaster Mitigation in the Solomon Islands” supporting the Geological Survey Division within the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification.

Mr. Miwa said it is aimed at improving the livelihood of fellow Solomon Islanders which was funded under the Japanese Government’s Economic Social Development Program to Solomon Islands.

Last year, Japan also handed over some equipment related to the project.

“As I recalled, last year on 20th of November, we handed over some equipment’s related to this project.

“Today, we are here to witness again another handing over of equipment such as Pickup Truck, Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer, Gas Chromatograph, and X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer to support the Geological Survey Division.

“Given the risk levels and unpredictability for a sudden hazard in Solomon Islands, we believed that with this project support, it will help the Geological division to enhance the nation’s capability to monitor and mitigate Geohazard, primarily through developing comprehensive national Geohazard maps and improving existing monitory systems and also to enhance real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities, that will strengthen the nation’s resilience and capacity to effectively anticipate, prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

“This project aims to immensely improve Solomon Islands disaster management capabilities when it comes to Geohazard. Protecting the lives of every Solomon Islanders and safeguarding the Nation’s economic and development interests, reinforcing the commitment to resilience and sustainable in growth in the face of environmental challenges is the ultimate outcome of this project.

Ambassador Miwa said the handover reflects Japan’s continuous support to the Social and Economic development of Solomon Islands.

He said the Government of Japan strongly upholds the cordial relationship with the Government of Solomon Islands and will continue to support the Government of Solomon Islands with its development plans in the years ahead.

“Today’s handing over ceremony is a reminder to all of us that despite the huddles we’ve overcame, we can still adapt in collaboration to move forward with our development assistance and plans.

“Despite the immense task of upcoming events burdened such as the National General Election 2024 upon your team, today we are witnessing the positive outcome of your tireless work.

“On this note I would like to thank the Care-taker Minister Hon. Bradley Tovosia, Permanent Secretary Dr. Chris Vehe and staffs of the Ministry for the great job done in ensuring the successful completion of today’s event.

In response, MMERE’s Permanent Secretary Dr. Chris Vehe expressed deep gratitude to the Government and the good people of Japan for the generous donation.

“With immense honour and deep appreciation, I stand before you today at this handover ceremony, commemorating a significant gesture of generosity and partnership between our nations, reflecting our shared commitment to progress, innovation, and sustainability.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Mines, Energy, and Rural Electrification, I extend our heartfelt thanks to the Japanese government for their generous donation of the various advanced equipment, marking a new era in our collaborative journey and significantly enhancing our scientific research and environmental conservation efforts.” Dr. Chris Vehe said.

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