US$34M for provincial governments for next 5 years


THE Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) in its PCDF phase 2 programme has more than USD$34 million to cater for the next five years, it is reported.

Recently, the Permanent Secretary for MPGIS Mr Stanley Pirione said under the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) programme there is a sufficient budget to support provincial governments.

“For your information, the project’s phase 2 is estimated at USD$34 million for the next five to six years.”

Mr Pirione said currently they are consulting their development partners for more assistance in this regard.

He also adds that the Ministry hopes provincial governments in Solomon Islands will benefit from this programme once support is provided.

Pirione said the main objective of the project is to carry out institutional reforms, bring manpower capacity and strengthening of provincial government processes and system.

Moreover, it offers small scale infrastructure projects as an incentive for these reform programmes, Pirione said.

Since the establishment of PCDF in 2008, Pirione said the programme has registered more than 900 infrastructure which cost millions of dollars for the country’s nine provinces.

However, challenges MPGIS includes issues with the disbursement of funds from the Ministry of Finance, and to appreciate projects that encompass value of money.


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