Good sign for SI progress on gender

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IT was really nice to see women coming out in numbers to join the march from Honiara City Council to the Auditorium where celebrations to mark the International Women’s Day was held.

More so the participation of our youths and a few of our men with a couple of children whom were part of the crowd in yesterday’s event.

For the first time too, some big organisations and companies in our country has allowed their female staff to participate in the IWD march which has become an annual thing for us.

Our Telekom women staff for the first time participated in the march as well as have their own get-together later in the day, thanks to their employer.

Another big organisation, Solomon Power was able to treat their female staff to a lunch gathering at their office space.

These are small steps which could lead to the bigger steps where the global momentum is to strive for gender parity.

Gender parity is a 50-50 ratio of males and females accessing education, in the workplace and holding public office.

Though ‘World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report’ has found that gender parity is over 200 years away, there is feedback on women continuing to make positive gains each day.

With that, after this IWD celebrations, women, don’t be complacent but continue to strive for gender parity.

The unity shared by women and men and youths alike in yesterday’s celebration is a clear manifestation of what can be done, if we set our hearts and minds to it.

As IWD 2018 draws to an end, women, advocators and activists do please continue to #Press4Progress.

Women’s achievements and participation in the workplace and public offices are every day.

Please continue to highlight women’s achievements and issues every day.

Not just on IWDs. #Press4Progress