Two new cases for Auki



AUKI town has recorded an additional two positive cases of covid-19 after results from six swabs sent to Honiara last week came back.

Chairman of Emergency Operation Centre for Covid-19 at Kilu’ufi hospital and Director of Malaita Provincial health, Dr. Rex Maukera confirmed this to this paper today.

He said upon contact tracing and swabs carried out on six people last week, the EOC has sent six samples to Honiara for testing and now has returned with the results.

Maukera said the result was; two returned positive and four were negative.

He said the result has shown an additional two cases to the first five and Auki is at the moment with seven cases.

Maukera said although the increase happened at a slower pace compared to Honiara, Auki town and the province at large are still at high risk with the virus.

“With that, I call on residents in Auki and people from the province to continue to listen out for health information on the current situation and practice covid-19 measures,” he said.

Maukera also said that recently they had completed contact tracing on some people and they will soon carry out testing (swabs) on them to send for testing.

He said at the moment the original five cases and two new ones are in stable conditions as they continue to monitor them.

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