The trio at the back of the stubby craft guided by PRT officers as they departed Auki wharf yesterday afternoon to Honiara for questioning.
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‘Rioters’ surrendered, shipped over to town



POLICE yesterday whisked across from Auki, Malaita, three men who gave themselves up after they were wanted for their alleged involvement in last November’s rioting and looting in Honiara.

They were transported in a police stubby craft.

Malaita’s Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Lesley Kili said the trio came in voluntarily and handed them over to police to clear riot-related allegations against them.

“I want to acknowledge them for the heart they have and respect they had shown for the law,” Kili told Island Sun.

“They came as leaders and voluntarily handed them over to police rather than hiding and this is the way forward,” he added.

Kili said they also assured his office that more of them will come behind as they are working with them to do the same thing by voluntarily handing them over to police.

He said his office had also talked with one or two of them and they assured them of their willingness to hand them over to police soon.

Kili said these initiatives were from the men while Auki police were playing the facilitative role.

The provincial police commander called on the wider community to respect them and the prudent decision they took that will greatly support police’s investigation into the matter.

“I appeal to everyone not to look on them as culprits. Let’s leave them to the law.”

Last November’s riots have left Chinatown in total ruins.

Police have so far arrested a number of key figures they believed initiated the rioting.