MAL commends taro project on Malaita

(L-R) Rep from Exodus Trade Development construction company, Mr Philip Foanaota witness the ground breaking demonstration by Mr Micheal Ho'ota from MAL, Premier Suidani, MPG and Barret Salato from MFAET .jpg
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THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has highly commended a taro project for Malaita province under the EIF-ECAT funded project facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade.

Speaking during a ground breaking ceremony to mark commencement work on a taro pack house at Adaliua on Friday, Deputy Secretary of MAL, Michael Ho’ota said the project will greatly benefit taro farmers in the years ahead.

He said the completion of the taro pack house facility will assist Goshen Enterprise as a local exporter to enable them meet the standard requirements to trade.

And this will in turn provide a market for hardworking farmers on Malaita province.

Ho’ota said the establishment of this facility will address the government policies, specifically under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) which are as follows

1, this will develop and strengthen production of export crops,

2, facilitate and support the development of commercial agriculture,

3, enhance food security and the livestock industry to alleviate rural poverty

4, strengthen biosecurity to protect SI against exotic pests and disease and improve capacity to export

5, facilitate and support the development of commercial agriculture.

6, Facilitate research, development and marketing of high value cash crops.

“Strengthen and diversify agriculture sector is the best defense against impacts of covid-19 and climate change, while continue to meet our national food security needs, and to help contribute to boosting our GDP.

“There is renewed interest across all sectors to re-invigorate agriculture for all the right reasons, but especially for its critical role in achieving sustain growth trade development and poverty alleviation.

“Rural farming communities that are equipped with the right technologies, training, knowledge and policies are central to the advancement of rural development and national unity and this facility will certainly contribute to this effect.

“I look forward to all your support as the construction of this facility commences an already greatly anticipating its completion and eventual operation in the not too distant future.

“This will significantly enhance the livelihoods of our farmers in Malaita province and the rest of the country,” he said.