Japan commits to remove old bombs

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JAPAN says it is serious with its intention to assist Solomon Islands in the safe removal of Unexploded Ordinance to secure safe life.

Japan’s Ambassador to Solomon Islands Yoshiaki Miwa reiterated this last week.

Miwa said on March 15 this year, a grant contract of SBD$6, 267,000 was signed to provide important equipment such as excavator, special purpose vehicles and boats required to widen the scope of the EOD to reach other islands.

“In order to proceed the urgent and dangerous operation of EOD effectively and safely, the equipment donated to the Solomon Islands is playing an important role.

“It is our government’s intention to develop the cooperation with our partners in this particular project to secure a safe life in the Solomon Islands,” he said.

He confirmed that Japan has been and will continue to support the Government of Solomon Islands with its development plans in the years ahead.

In response, Police Assistant commissioner Everlyn Thugea said for the past years they have heard of a significant increase of fatal incidents involving UXO.

“The corporate funding support from our donor partners like Japan, Australia and the US will greatly assist the RSIPF to deal with this UXO threats,” Thugea said. 

“We are fortunate to have a support package from the Embassy of Japan office in SI through the Japan grant assistance for grassroots and human security projects,” she added.

Thugea said the socioeconomic impact of explosives remnants of war is felt in many countries around the world and cannot be understated and although the Solomon Islands may not always have the resources to address it, it remains one of the main goals of the RSIPF.

“As you all may know, this support package will boost the capability of the EOD Teams and help them to keep our citizens safe.

“Your Excellency Ambassador Yoshiaki Miwa, on behalf of the Commissioner of Police I wish to sincerely thank your good office for this generous support and the facilitation of these equipment,” Thugea said.