Travelling overseas for less than 2 months discouraged

Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers
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THOSE intending to travel overseas for less than two months are discouraged from doing so.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr Jimmie Rodgers highlighted this in a radio talk back show, Sunday.

“We would advice that you postpone your trip if you are travelling only for less than two months,” Rodgers said.

“We would recommend that any one travelling overseas, you plan to stay out for at least two months before coming back because the requirements and incubation period of the infection you might bring it,” he added.

Rodgers said for those that plan to travel and stay a little bit longer they must get a booster dose before leaving the country. 

He adds the Oversights Committee on its last meeting allowed to increase numbers of the country’s weekly flight from Brisbane.

“We are hoping to start on the 14th of this month on next Friday,” Rodgers said.

He also stressed that for those wishing to enter the country new requirement will be set in place for them to follow. 

“We will be putting in new requirements for people to come in.

“This new requirement we will have to require home quarantine for anyone who wants to come into the country.

“We will define the number of days but home quarantine will be mandatory.

“We will also introduce rapid antigen testing on airport before they enter.

“So they must test negative with COVID-19 before they board the flight. If detected positive they will not be allowed to board the flight. This will be instituted as of now,” Rodgers said.