Land row delays Kirakira project


LAND issue stops Trades Transformation Company Ltd (TTC) from building the $200,000 shed to accommodate toilet and shower close to the new ramp in KiraKira, Makira Ulawa province.

This was after the people who used to live on the land have threatened the TTC workers with knives after they made three attempts to build the shade.

It is claimed the people have demanded the Makira Provincial Government to pay them compensation after their homes were removed by the contractor to give way for the new shade.

The Kirakira ramp and Shed project along with the wharf in Malu’u, North Malaita, are part of the Economic Stimulus Package funded by the National Government to create economic activities and trading with the farmers to bring their products to Honiara.

Owner of company Leslie Tarzan Holosivi said if Makira Provincial Executive could not solve the issues with the people, they would pull out because they have completed the ramp already.

Holosivi said they have completed the $5 million ramp already in the first phase of the project and ready to build the shed when the issue with the so-called landowners popped up.

“If things are not sorted out, I have to pull my boys out for their safety.

“Therefore, I want the Makira Provincial government to quickly sort out the issue with the landowners,” he said.

TTC still remains in Kirakira because the Government has given them another contract to upgrade the road from Central Makira to West Makira and the airstrip.

However, some people have accused TTC on social media for not doing a good work on the ramp after recent strong waves destroyed the land pathway connecting to the ramp.

Holosivi said his workers have already filled up the gap caused by the waves.

Ministry of Infrastructure Development permanent secretary, Stephen Maesiola said based on the design of the ramp, there should be three layers, however the contractor only managed to complete the first layer due to lack of money.

Maesiola said the MID engineers should travel to Kirakira to reassess the ramp and make a report whether to complete the next two layers.

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