Trainers deployed to teach sign language


UMI Tugeda Helpem Solomon Aelan Def Komiuniti Project is the champion of giving voice to people with speaking and hearing impairments.

Over the course of this month, trainers were deployed to eight communities in Malaita, Guadalcanal, and Western provinces to teach sign language.

Project Manager, Jackson Meke said the project is aimed at encouraging people with disability to be part of the community.

He said people with disability always find themselves isolated in communities and this has forced them to live a life full of wonders and questions.

“We share this planet earth with our brothers and sisters who cannot speak and hear. It is our responsibility to make all efforts in making sure these people are part of our community and nation.

“It is our role to give these people a place in our communities where they can take part in the discussion and also whatever development that takes place in our society,” Meke said.

Meke has completed his visit to trainers at Gizo who have been facilitating workshops on sign language at Gizo and Titiana.

He described the workshops as very successful and his team is looking forward to working closely with communities to further the training programme.

Meke acknowledged Catholic Church Education Authority, Australian Government, and New Zealand Government for funding the programme.

He said sign language is very important and he wishes that the government through the Ministry of Education can establish a sign language curriculum and offer training at Solomon Islands National University.

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