Touching Lives touches the sick


On Thursday at the National Referral Hospital Paediatric Ward, the nurse in-charge conveyed her appreciation to the students and organisers for visiting.

Ms Anna Lofea, who is the Nurse Manager at the Children’s Ward, said that her staff and patients are so blessed to receive gifts and messages that the students present through singing and sharing.

“It is indeed a blessing for all of us at the hospital today. The love and care that patients receive along with gifts showed that these students care and does have heart for people in need.

“King George Sixth students are amongst the few that make time to visit the sick. The fact that they have the initiative to reach out and do something for those that are sick really touched me.

“We are nurses and our job is to provide care for the sick but any act of kindness from outside will always be welcomed and appreciated within these walls.

“On behalf of my staff and patients, I would like to thank the students and those working behind the scenes for making this day a blessing indeed,” Ms Lofea concludes.

A student representative assures the sick and their families that they will not forget them in their prayers despite their visitation is only for a short time.

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