Taiwan high-tech company heads to SI next year

Speedtech CEO Mr Lucas Chiu talks with PM Sogavare and Mr Roger Luo
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A renowned high-tech solar company from the Republic of China (Taiwan) will set up its manufacturing solar factory in Solomon Islands early next year, HE Roger Luo said.

This is an outcome from the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s state visit to Taiwan last year, he adds.

Luo revealed this in his remarks during the celebration of Taiwan’s Double Tenth National Day held at Mendana Hotel on Tuesday, Oct 10.

The Company – Speedtech Company has established factories in Taiwan, Africa, Caribbean and Central America, their new factory in Honiara will be the first one in the Pacific.

“I am very pleased to inform you that at invitation of Hon Prime Minister Sogavare during his last year’s state visit to Taiwan, one of Taiwan’s prominent high-tech solar power manufacturer Speedtech Company will come to set up a solar power panel factory in Honiara early next year,” Mr Luo said.

“And we can expect that very soon there will be solar power panel made in Solomon Islands.”

Speedtech CEO Mr Lucas Chiu and his team are in the country for the Taiwanese tradeshow which was held at the Mendana Hotel this week.

Mr Luo said, “And it turns out very successfully, they have found business partners and received many orders. Obviously people in Honiara like their products very much.

“I am very sure that through our joint efforts there will be more Taiwan’s companies come to Solomon Islands to explore opportunities of investment.”

CEO Chiu said the company believes they can do something here as Solomon Islands has diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

“The Solomon Island Government helps us a lot and so we should do something in return, and additionally Solomon Islanders are friendly, and if we setup factory here there in no hesitation,” Mr Chiu said.