Touching Lives gives back to the community


400-plus King George Sixth students and their patrons gathered yesterday midday at the National Referral Hospital Square to fulfil the main goal of ‘Touching Lives’.

Opening prayer was done by the school Chaplain and the school Principal presented brief remarks on the purpose of their visit, reminding every student to be mindful of how they interact with sick patients and ensure that they always apply courtesy.

“This for sure will be a good experience for all of us here, students especially will get to interact with the sick, giving gifts, get well soon cards, singing a few songs and saying a prayer to enlighten and uplift sick patients.

“We hope that what we do will touch and inspire the lives of sick patients,” says KGVI principal.

Students were divided into classes and each class was allocated which ward to visit.

A school patron and a nurse in charge then escorted the students to their assigned wards.

Speaking on behalf of the Form Five Red students, their class captain Mr Kevin Tareamu shared that it was a second time that he got involved with touching lives and in comparison to past years, 2017 NRH visitation has improved a lot.

“School administration, parents, ex-students and some others I could not name have all contributed and helped in making 2017 NRH visitation a success,” Mr Tareamu said.

As part of their visitation, students also share encouraging messages to those that are sick and for those that are responsible for taking care of the sick.

Touching Lives is a school-based charity group that started back in 2013 and with the donations that they receive from Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and other groups, 2017 hospital visit is a success.

2017 Hospital visitation was not only for the NRH but also some students were send up to pay a visit to sick patients at Good Samaritan Hospital at GPOL.

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