Togamana: TB and leprosy data pending  


TUBERCULOSIS and Leprosy national data to show the trend of these diseases is yet to be finalised, says the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Minister for Health Dr Culwick Togamana says during the height of Covid-19 it was noted that provincial hospitals reported an increased number of tuberculosis cases.

“However, the final report on tuberculosis diseases is not yet made available to us so, we cannot tell whether cases are rising or managed. This is also the same for Leprosery,” he says.

Togamana adds, in terms of teenage pregnancy they only have data collected and published in 2017

“We did have 87 teenage pregnancies out of 1000. But we need to update these data so that we know whether the trend continue to increase or now it’s managed and if that is the case those responsible stakeholders take up appropriate measures to advice,” he said.

Togamana clarified that despite not having updated datas from his ministry, the health information system at the ministry’s headquarter is still functioning.

“All we need is to tap into this digital ICT in order to make this more available and accessible to the public,” he said.

Togamana echoed the above sentiment in Parliament.

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