Suidani: It’s too early to say anything on mining for Mala


PREMIER Daniel Suidani says it is too early to say anything on the proposed mining for East Malaita and Fataleka, however MPG is aware of development so far on the initiative.

He said recently his executive was briefed by a team from New Asia Mining Company Ltd on an arrangement between Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification and resource owners toward an Access Agreement.

Suidani said MMERE is the responsible ministry that worked with New Asia Mining Company towards the Access Agreement, and not Malaita province government, as they have nothing to do with it.

The premier made that in response to queries raised by public on MPG’s perspective on the matter.

He said what MPG aware off was, mining like other developments has its own process and Access Agreement is first to confer with resource owners on the development, in which signing of the Access Agreement was done last week.

Suidani said the process is to know whether landowners want the development or to get approval from landowners for the development.

He added that the Access Agreement is also a crucial step to pave way for the company to get their prospecting license from MMERE, where they will apply for.

Suidani said for Malaita provincial government, they have no mining ordinance neither provision for mining prospecting under its business ordinance.

“This is why I said its early to talk, because MPG has no ordinance to safeguard mining development in the province, except only business licence.

“And, business license is only for the mining company to pay their fee in order to operate business in the province, nothing more about the mining operation,” he said.

In a public statement issued by Premier Suidani’s Political Advisor, Celsius Talifilu, MPG executive informed New Asia Mining Company the MPG has no provisions for mining prospecting in its business licence ordinance.

“Therefore, until there are provisions for mining prospecting in its business license ordinance, MPG in not in a position to give such a license to the company until appropriate provisions are legislated for,” he said.

Suidani said that MPG through his office is aware of public queries on MPG’s views on the mining initiative, and this is what he could only say.

He said that at this stage, it’s only an Access Agreement signed and although MPG has no provision for mining under its business ordinance, they will always have something to say.

About 18 tribes within Aluta basin had signed the Access Agreement with the New Asian Mining Company at Aluta village last week.

Aluta basin was initially earmarked by national government for national palm oil years ago, later this year rice project and now mining.

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