Shipment of hospital beds from New Zealand

DEAR EDITOR, a 40 foot container with 48 hospital beds and some other hospital furniture, such a side tables, will be shipped from Wellington in New Zealand in June.

The 48 hospital beds will be the first consignment of 100 hospital beds destined for the National Referral Hospital (NRH) and two provincial hospitals, one in Malaita and the other Isabel Province.

The Solomon Islands Forest Association (SFA) kindly responded to an appeal for funds to acquire and transport the beds to the Solomon Islands.

Take My Hands Charity Trust (TMH) has acquired the first 48 beds and the remaining ones are in the process of being collected from New Zealand hospitals where the type of beds, although in extremely good condition, are surplus to the hospitals requirements.

I express my sincere thanks to the SFA and to TMH for continuing to help the MOHMS in the Solomon Islands and local NGO organisations

A MOU was signed more than a year ago between the NRH and TMH for the annual supply of medical equipment and medical supplies but currently the arrangements for the shipment of up to 10 twenty foot containers per year is suspended as the second phase payment in terms of the MOU is outstanding.

The SFA stepped up to get the urgently needed hospital beds because of the current state of the MOU.

I will give notice of the shipment of the second 40 foot container with the additional hospital beds when I get more information from TMH.


Yours sincerely


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