The importance of Mandarin in Solomon Islands


Ms Kuei-Mi Li (right) and Taiwan Embassy’s Deputy Counsellor Mr Oliver Weng

LEARNING Mandarin opens opportunities which are significant for Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands has many Chinese investors, tourists and communities, and learning Mandarin is crucial for communication with them whether in business, social and crimes interpretations.

To face these issues, locals can now take Mandarin classes at the Solomon Islands National University taught by Ms Kuei-Mi Li under the Taiwan Embassy programme to help Solomon Islands.

“Plan to expand in other secondary schools across the province is on pipeline,” Ms Li said.

Li said learning Mandarin will help individual Solomon Islanders become future interpreters for communication exchanges.

She said there are over one billion people speaking Mandarin in the world which is one quarter of the world’s population.

“If you can master this language you will have more opportunities for studies, job, traveling, and it is important people in Solomon Islands invest in learning mandarin speaking,” Li said.

Opportunities – It may be difficult to start with Mandarin while having no backgrounds at all, but there comes a great number of opportunities that can make it totally worth it. Learning Mandarin is very convenient and can be a great addition to the skills that you have.

Jobs – it can be a great way for you to be accepted on more jobs out there.

Many Chinese people are investing in business and may need someone who speaks their language fluently so that they can be comfortable working with them.

Business prospects – if you are running a business, you should know that Chinese investors make up a huge portion of the business world.

Knowing their language can help you impress them and increase your chances of securing a deal.

You can also easily get their attention and explain your offers to them.

Meanwhile, Li said there are plans underway for communities who are interested in learning Mandarin.

She said interested communities, associations or organisations can call Taiwan Embassy Solomon Islands for learning Mandarin language or courses and presentations.

Taiwan Embassy’s Deputy Counsellor Mr Oliver Weng said he discussed with country’s officials to be inclusive in offering the learning of Mandarin speaking here.

He said Mandarin is important to be learn for speaking and communication not only exchanging ideas but issues relating to national dealings as well when it comes to interpretation.

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