Provincial schools may soon learn Mandarin


IT is encouraging to know that students are interested to learn the Mandarin language after finding out what it is.

This is according to Ms Li Kuei Mi who teaches Mandarin at SINU.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, she said that for this year alone, she has visited more than two schools in Honiara and has come to see that students are pretty much interested to learn Mandarin.

Ms Li explained that as part of her Mandarin awareness activity, she introduces her country, Taiwan, her culture and language through a presentation of brief video clips, songs and questionnaire sessions.

She added that with the help of her students from her Mandarin class at SINU, she also teaches basic Mandarin phrases to see if students are interested to learn the language and mentioned that while the response was overwhelmingly positive it encourages her to visit more schools.

Li stated that she plans to visit schools in the provinces and is already considering Makira and Temotu provinces as the two first provinces to visit.

She furthered that although she is aware how far Temotu province is, she is willing to take up the challenge.

“I want to share with students the Mandarin language and see if they are interested to learn about it because in one way or the other it can help open the door for many opportunities for them. Solomon Islands does not just include Honiara but all the nine provinces so that is why I plan to also visit schools in the provinces,” said Li.

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