Preparation for Takwa parish centenary underway



THE Parish Pastoral Team Animation committee in Takwa Catholic parish in Lau region of Malaita province have proposed to work on the historical content of the establishment of the parish.

The work will be in preparation for celebrating the parish’s centenary since the arrival and establishment of Takwa parish in 1935.

Senior catechist, Eddie Kaia said the PPTA committee has proposed the work as it will be on various ministries administered under the parish since its establishment.

He said information is expected to be gathered on the history of clergies, catechists, women and men church groups, youths Sunday schools and other church ministries and activities which happened in the parish over the century.

Kaia said the purpose of compiling the historical work is to be told during the centenary celebration.

He added that the work is also important as it will help young generation or researchers of the history of the Catholic Church in Lau region.

Kaia said as part of the work he will be leading the work on profiling the history of catechism work in the parish.

He said he will team up with his colleague catechists in the parish to carry out the work.

Kaia said Takwa parish will celebrate its 100 years in 2035.

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