The beginning of a new voyage

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Following the Central Islands Province Premier Stanley Manetiva’s handing over of a key for a new World Vision’s Office in Tulagi on 24 March 2022, the new voyage begins April 7th as World Vision sets sail its new Project’s Out Board Motor (OBM) for a test ran.

The test run of the new OBM displays World Vision’s commitment to continue reaching out to and supporting the well-being of children in the country, despite the hardships caused by the current pandemic.

“The OBM will be powered by a 40 Horse Yamaha Engine and used for the Central Islands Province Livelihoods Improvement Project (CLIP),” a statement from World Vision SI says.

“Through the hard work of staff and Provincial authorities, World Vision set up the new office space with funding secured for the CLIP Project, thanks to the European Union (EU), which is financing the two-and-a-half year project,” the statement added.

“The project’s team has also been recruited and is ready to roll out the project.

“Through its goal, which is to sustain economic and social resilience to the impact of COVID-19 and improve the well-being of families, the project will be implemented in ten communities in Small Ngella, which have a population of approximately 3,701.

“The project will engage with the communities on areas of fisheries, conducting training to improve knowledge on basic fishing techniques to improve the quality of products.

“While establishing producer groups to engage in sustainable livelihood activities, the project will also work to secure and link them to the market for their produce.”

The statement added the project will also work to strengthen financial literacy and enable community members to access financial services.

This includes training financial literacy and small business to ensure their skills on these important areas are improved.

Furthermore, the project will establish Saving and Producer Groups (SPGs) in partnership with the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Mothers’ Union, which are partners in the project.

“Saving is one of the key activities that World Vision Solomon Islands wishes to introduce to communities to ensure financial sustainability.

“Importantly, while the producer groups produce their products to sell at the market, a portion of their earnings will also be saved for household expenses such as school fees or medical bills.

“The model which World Vision is currently using is called Saving for Transformation (S4T).

“The model received many positive testimonies during the current COVID 19 outbreak, as it supported financial security during a time of difficult restrictions in place across the country.

“World Vision will be working with partners and other stakeholders to implement it during the project.”

The key partners are the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Mothers’ Union, while the stakeholders are Forum Fisheries Association, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, CIP Provincial Government, and People With Disability Solomon Islands (PWDSI), and other stakeholders will also contribute to the project’s goal.”

During the Easter weekend, WVSI Staff did a final set up at the Tulagi office and now ready for use.