Thanks media, shed light on omission period

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DEAR EDITOR, I am perturbed by the amount of news on cross borders.

Firstly, I must applaud the media of the country for a job well done in an excellent coverage of the registration period.

So far, views of grass roots and politicians have been aired, printed and posted in the media, and we readers and listeners are well informed of the status quo of the biometric registrations.

Having said this, may I ask that the objection and omission period be covered on a similar scale as well, please.

Would not be a good thing to make a lot of noise during registration and then leave us in the dark during the objection and omission period.

I am sure that a lot of interesting news will be taken then.

I read from someone’s post on social media that the electoral act may just be a fantasy.

Well, let us wait and see.

If truly during the objection and omission period nothing is done to the cross borders and current MPs who are behind the many cross borders then I will say that Facebook post is 100 percent accurate.

John Poro

West Honiara