Need proper assessment on importance of teachers

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DEAR EDITOR, as a parent, I often claimed that teachers supposed to earn higher salary than other government workers should in the nation.

I assumed that teachers has superior role in the nation than other government workers.

They are the educator who often facilitated educational services to our nation, particular to up bringing the academic performances and behaviour of our young populaces.

Just imagine how tough teachers taught you and I to be become a significant person in this nation.

I tell you the truth; any government cannot go without teachers, since teachers are the only source of modelling human resources within any government ministries.

But yet, Solomon Islands government certainly not realised these facts about the significance of teachers in this nation because of their foolishness and stagnant meditations.

Therefore, I appeal to the national government leaders to take these realities of teachers on board more seriously and must progress their condition right now.

I believe that, quality teaching and learning is rest in the heart of teachers not by having conducive learning environment as sated in the national education goals.

Last week a group of teachers met me and I as them the following question; “why were you teachers not performed up to the standard?” well in turn, they simply answer me by asking these questions. Firstly “do we teachers treated equally compare to other government ministries?

Secondly “do SIG recognise our contribution to this nation?” thirdly “are we [teachers] not public servants?” fourthly “ do you think the current teachers scheme of services could be motivated teachers to perform to the best as nation expected?” when they finished asking me those questions, I was paused for a few moments thinking what would happen to this nation.

After all, I was realised that quality of teaching and learning in this nation will not touched the national standard expected until teachers scheme of services is totally improved and reconsidered right now.

Again could be better for you national leaders to change the way in which you think. Rather than enjoying yourself in all corruption deals on the floor of the parliament.

On the same note may I appeal to the dormant teachers union ‘SINTA’ to come out clear in the media for current updates regarding teachers’ scheme of services.

Well the main issues here is “Teacher need a very affordable salary to meet their needs and wants now a days”. Since they [teachers] are human being just like you and others.

They also need better homes and living just like you and others.

They even have a lot of family commitments just like any others.

As of these facts I personally want to ask you these following questions; Firstly “ is there any differences between teachers and other government workers?” secondly “ are teachers not government workers?” thirdly “ why not teachers’ pay under public service scheme?” lastly “ is the current teachers scheme of services is attractive and motivated?”

Well I do not think so. It was obvious that Solomon Islands government regarded teachers as slaves of this nation.

Alternatively, even they never reflect how they become somebody in this nation. That is their leadership challenges and lack that national leaders need to be improved it now.

In that sense may, I appeal to you all registered teachers of Solomon Islands whether you come from private, churches, provincial or national schools the time has come to prove this nation how important you are.

In this situation may I appeal to you all teachers of various schools in around Solomon Islands to boycott the upcoming exams.

It is time to prove the nation. I know that this is the only approach that Solomon Islands government could reserve for you teachers

Most welcome to be part of this discussion

Fokiss Ramaramas