RCDF for Temotu Vatud questioned

Hon Freda Tuki
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Hon Freda Tuki

A concerned voter from Vanikoro in the Temotu Vatud constituency called on its Member of Parliament to explain the distribution of the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

He said over the past four years, there was no tangible development for the people of Tikopia live at Utupua and Vanikoro—a statement which the MP for Temotu/Vatud, refutes.

On that matter, the concerned voter from Vanikoro who requested anonymity called on MP Freda Tuki to explain how the funds were distributed during her four years in parliament.

He also urged Minister Tuki to explain why Tikopians of Vanikoro and Utupua have been left out from getting any assistance from RCDF.

Since general election is coming up, the concerned voter is calling on people of Temotu Vatud to vote wisely in 2019.

He said since they separated 20 years ago from Pele constituency nothing has been happening in terms of tangible development, and it is best to vote wisely.

With the concerns raised by the voter, MP for Temotu Vatud and Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Freda Tuki said there has been distribution of RCDF funds to schools, churches and houses.

Minister Tuki said those who have grudges against her did not receive any project because of their petition claims against her.

She said instead they chose not to work with her and continued to be enemies with her.

“Despite that people still receive developments”, Tuki said.

In terms of RCDF Tuki said funds is well distributed to none supporters and supporters who came back and work together with them.

“My office focuses much on human resources by sending more students to go out further study during my four years,” she said.

She also adds many people have received housing projects and about 90 percent of all the people received 50 watt solar light.

Minister also explained that some schools in Vatud received full complete school building, and most churches in those island mentioned also received complete building.

On the other hand, Minister encourages voters saying if they have frustration or any misunderstanding to call in at their constituency office.

Meanwhile, she acknowledged the fact that people raise their concern but the constituency has an office to seek for information.

Temotu Vatud constituency is made up of 12 Islands situated in the easternmost part of the Solomon Islands, and was formerly known as Santa Cruz Islands Province.

It consists essentially of two chains of islands which run parallel to each other from the northwest to the southeast with its area of 895 square kilometres (346 square miles).