Temotu Premier tours far eastern outliers

Temotu Premier David Maina

THE Temotu Premier and his 28-member delegation left Lata onboard MV Onogou for a nine-day visit to outliers of the province.

He left with his delegation yesterday for Utupua, Vanikoro, Tikopia and Anuta Islands.

During his pre-departure meeting with members of his delegation, he re-iterated two major objectives of the visit. First, the visit is necessary to maintain provincial unity and togetherness amongst all island communities in the province.

“This means our presence in these islands will give rural communities the sense of being part of the province and the country as a whole.”

One of the main cries of the people of these outer islands, especially the good people of Anuta is the lack of recognition of the provincial and national government on their need for basic services.

He said their reluctance to participate during previous elections came about because of these reasons.

Hence part of the visit is to inform communities that their wish for a separate provincial ward boundary has been considered by the TPG Assembly and recommendation for such has been submitted to the boundary commission through the MPGIS.

Secondly, he said, “Our visit will see the signing of an MOU for a piece of customary land, outright purchased by the Temotu province government on Tikopia Island.

“The land is currently used for health clinic on the island and will remain for any such related use to advance health services on the island.”

The provincial secretary during the pre-departure meeting also advised team members that all provincial divisions will have opportunities to visit and meet respective officers and public facilities during the visit.

“It is time for us to learn and feel the issues, experienced by the island communities.”

He encouraged all to look carefully at opportunities in these islands, identify them through discussions, see what skills are available and prepare report of findings and suggestion for improvement upon return.

The Premier’s visit is the first in a long time since Temotu gained provincial status.

Upon hearing the visit, every island community is looking forward for the visit. The team is excited on the reception anticipated ahead of them.

The delegation includes 10 provincial government officers including the Premier and his spouse and 3 other executive members of the three wards, 10 official from Health division in the province, three staff of education division, two police officers and three members of the correctional service in Lata.

The team is looking forward to a successful visit and to return to Lata by Friday May 18, 2018 according to tentative itinerary.


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