Councillors and MPs called to step in and help MID


A former Honiara City Councilor voices that road development is crucial for the efficiency of services in the capital and suggests that Honiara City councillors and members of Parliament for West, Central and East Honiara constituencies step in and assist the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) with its current roadwork initiative.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, concerned Mr Charles Lesimaoma stressed that as leaders who are entitled with funds for development purposes with the responsibility to provide good services for people in Honiara, they should utilise these public funds to help develop our roads.

With a document to show, he explained that from the 2018 approved estimated budget, the total ward development grant for councilors settles at a sum of $3,226,000.

He emphasised that the money should be used to help spur development because it is public money and money that should be allocated and spent for the people.

Lesimaoma expressed that if both parties collaborate with MID and donors then there should be enough money to cater for road improvements.

On another note, he said that in other constituencies, there is the reality of a new constructed clinic, road, bridge or even a purchase of a shipping vessel but when it comes to Honiara, the heart of the country’s development these things are hardly heard of or seen.

He furthered that the government must be serious about decentralisation because if not Honiara will be more populated and existing problems will only multiply.

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