Temotu creates more education opportunities through PCDF


ACCORDING to the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening’s (MPGIS) Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP), Temotu province through the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) projects is making immediate impacts on the lives of its people.

Since the establishment of PGSP back in 2008, the province has embarked and achieved progress with an array of projects.

PGSP points out that Temotu province’s projects under its education sector have given students not only access to higher education but an opportunity to access higher education without having to travel far to Honiara to attain it.

In 2010, Temotu province provided decent dormitory for 120 male students and completed the construction of a two sixth form classroom block which saw more than 500 students passing sixth form education with some making it into various universities.

PGPS also expressed that Temotu province has from 2008 to 2018, achieved 5 projects under its education sector which are the construction of ; three Luesalemba staff houses, one Luesalemba boys dormitory and one Luesalemba form six two classroom block.

In addition, the total cost of these projects was SBD $1,315,000 and 43 people were employed to implement the projects.

The province saw changes after this endeavor which were; increased accommodation facilities for LPSS teaching staff, increased accommodation facilities for LPSS students and access to form six education for hundreds of students in Temotu.

On top of that, Temotu has so far made a total contribution of SBD $501,161 towards the construction of Education Ministry headquarter in Lata, one of the ongoing projects under the education sector.

“Of the total estimated cost of SBD $1,500, 000 of Education Headquarter, the TPG is expected to contribute about 40% of the cost with the objective of promoting education service delivery in Temotu”, said PGSP.

Temotu believes that providing the stadium wing for USP is facilitating access to higher education to people who would have otherwise found it impossible to enroll in those courses away from Lata.

Furthermore, the other project that is still under the scope of ongoing work is the development of a provincial library projected to provide access to those attending USP centre and for the public.

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