SIPA to hold workshop on effective workplace partnership


SOLOMON Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) is organizing a two days’ workshop starting today at the Heritage Park Hotel purposely to educate its workforce on the various aspects that are related to their employment.

The workshop which is understood to be mainly for SIPA’s shop stewards, supervisors and managers will give opportunities for employees to listen, discuss and interact in full on the various aspects of the working relationship between the management and the employees.

It will also give the employees knowledge about the roles of the Union and the roles by various government agencies in dealing with industrial relations.

SIPA invite people from various government departments such as the Labour Division, Trade Dispute Panel and Inland Revenue to talk about the Tax system to the workers.

According to Mr James Gerea the Staff Training/Development and Policy Manager |Corporate Service of SIPA, the various topics that will be discussed include the role of SIPA, role of Union, Labour Act, role of Trade Dispute Panel and disputes resolutions, taxation system, workers’ rights, employer rights, the role of workers in the organization, building an effective workplace partnership and others.

“We hope that at the end of the workshop, employees and management will have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, understanding of mechanisms for dispute resolutions, Labour Laws and mechanisms/procedures and union roles, etc.,” said Gerea.

“This will help to build an effective team and environment for working together to achieve our common interest as well as a productive port operation & quality services to customers.”

It is understood that this is the first time in SIPA history to have this workshop as they plan to also organize a similar programme at Noro Port for their workers.

The theme of the workshop starting today 9am and finishing tomorrow is: Building an Effective Workplace Partnership.

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