Temotu backs fight against COVID-19

Temotu Premier and his executive stand in support of DCGA in the fight to minimise the devastating effect of COVID-19 Community Transmission in the country.

In its executive meeting held on Monday, January 31, 2022. The executive overwhelmingly gave its support on what the government is doing.

The provincial government said: “What the national government is doing is to help keep all its citizens safe from catching the deadly disease. Cabinet and the oversight committee or even all front liners and hardworking staff in the MHMS, police and disaster including others cannot physically hold each of us back from the pandemic. It only requires each of us to be obedient to what was given for us to do, and then we can be prevented from catching the disease.  This is our part to play.”

The Premier is calling on the national government to “continue do the good work you have done so far, the prayers of my people in Temotu are with you and the people of Solomon Islands

“Unfortunately, many of our people are disobedient and are blaming the government for our own choices.

“This includes many of our people here in Temotu who are residing in Honiara. Already according to information quite a few of the total confirmed positive patients in Honiara are from Temotu Province. This is sad because many of these people will be unable to return as we may want.

“On local vaccination I wish to reiterate my call on all people in the province to get vaccinated.  Until December last year 2021, we have only managed to vaccinate up to 35.9% out of the government target of 70% in this province. I am aware the provincial health department has gone out to continue with the vaccination.  Please he said get vaccinated before it’s too late

“Many who have decided not to be vaccinated I call on you when we still have the opportunity to get vaccinated and prevent our families, our children and communities from severe consequences of the disease.

“Community transmission in Honiara means sooner or later it will reach us, and I and my government is very concern when this eventuates. It means we must be extra prepared. Our health team must have better alternative plan to avoid similar challenge experienced in Honiara where hospital is operating on skeleton staff.

“Our communities must be prepared, they must also have better plans on how to prevent and when it comes how to respond and reduce spread and eliminate the disease.

“Honiara will become successful because of concerted efforts between government, donor partners, business houses and individuals. The province will also come out success based on the same approach and on this juncture I am calling on the government to partner with my province from this preparation and prevention stage instead of waiting until we have community transmission. 

“Now is the time. Our preparation will not be as big as Honiara and not as expensive as Honiara. Ignorance is dangerous as we have seen this in Lordhowe, we less expected the pandemic will come through there.  In many ways, Temotu as border area pose similar situation and action must be taken not to repeat the same.

“All planning has been made, visit has been conducted, we only need to act on the plans, and this is the time to do that instead of waiting and reacting.

“My government is fully aware of the economic situation the country is going through compared to the needs we need to do to prevent ourselves from the disease. On this I am calling on you to put the provincial needs on this matter to our donor partners or through the Ministry of Health to donors to support my province.

“Majority of our people living in the major islands in the province are heavily reliant on local food for survival, the island communities however are dependent on many processed food apart from Nabo. In the event of lockdown in Lata, some of these island communities may require food support but not as heavy as Honiara.

“This means preparatory areas may include infrastructure projects like, quarantine centre in Lata, isolation rooms and beddings, proper protective gears for front liners and nurses including provincial clinics and isolations rooms in rural clinics, transportation equipment between islands and cost to prepare community.

“My government is thankful to the DCGA in the provision of ESP support to the province last year 2021. In this the government was able to distribute livelihood tools to each ward in the province.  My government through all MPAs will encourage village people to utilize these tools and plant subsistence gardens and go back depending on local root crops for our livelihood.

“Temotu PDOC has put together a response plan and we a going to start implementing this plan, We are currently working on getting a cargo boat to the province sooner and all business house will be informed of the arrangement.

“In summary Temotu Province continue to remain covid free at the moment and we must step in our preparation effort to prepare and manage the disease should it reaches us, my government will ensure all local community members to plant local root crops, fruit trees and store more Nabo from now and onward.

“My government will also try to help local communities to prepare plans, provide trainings and establish committees to support prevent the spread of the disease in the communities.

“The national government is requested to support through funding and implementation of border centre in Vanikoro.”


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