Only MHMS can do covid-19 related activities 

Permanent Secretary for the health ministry (MHMS), Pauline McNeil.
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MINISTRY of Health and Medical has clarified that they are the only authorised body under the Emergency Regulation to carry out covid-19 related activities like swabbing and testing.

This was confirmed by the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health and Medical Pauline McNeil.

“Under the current regulation only the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is the authorised body to facilitate and conduct any covid-19 related activities like swabbing, testing and vaccination,” McNeil said.

She also confirmed that they are also authorised to give approval to third party to carry out these activities.

McNeil said they have not received request from them and no inspection is being launched to these private clinics that offered these covid-19 services for the ministry to provide them with some forms of certification.

“So we have no knowledge that these activities are ongoing in some of the private clinics but there may be an opportunity if only request is put through the ministry to discuss this matter with a third party.”

Attorney General John Muria Junior on the same note also confirmed that under the regulation all covid-19 related activities should come through Ministry of Health that is what stated in the Emergency Regulation.

Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmie Rodgers adds for vaccination only MHMS or its authorised officers can do that.

Rodgers stressed in terms of charges and pricing it can be discussed with the MHMS only if the third party is wishing to offer this covid-19 services.