Team to assess ESP

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MINISTRY of Finance and Treasury has appointed a team to do an assessment on the $319 million Economic Stimulus Package.

The Government has come up with the ESP to response to impacts of the covid 19 and to recover the economy in the short to medium term.

Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers told media on Wednesday based on answer of Permanent Secretary of Finance, that a team is now on it.

He said as soon as report comes in, Finance will assess it and present to Cabinet and after that make available to public on how the ESP has worked, the lessons learnt, is it the same kind of thing the we are going to do it again?

In March, PS Dentana McKini said the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was tasked by the government to carry out a review on the government’s policy on ESP.

“There will be a report to be released in mid-week of April and there are a number of reports that they will be producing”, Dentana said.

He said more than 50 youths were also engaged by the government to conduct interviews in the provinces in 2021.

Dentana said they were not able to complete their assessments this year because of COVID-19 but have done follow ups with the beneficiaries of the ESP through phone interviews.