Taskforce set up against CRB

An image recently taken by this paper on a scapanist beetle destroying coconuts in Maoa area in West Kwaio. The villagers misinterpret it to be rhinoceros beetle but later were proved wrong.
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BIOSECURITY division under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has established a taskforce to carry out its management plan to curb the spread of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) to other provinces in the country.

The taskforce is called the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) taskforce which spearheads plans to contain the pest.

Duddley Wate, Coordinator of the CRB taskforce, said managing the spread of the pest is complex and large and involves the integration of pest management techniques such as sanitation, movement, control, identification and establishment of biocontrol agents.

Wate explained that the established plan will be carried out by several organisations including government and private sector.

“This work goes beyond the job description of any existing government post and requires an individual with energy, initiative, drive and organisational leadership qualities, but not necessarily technical pest control expertise.”

Wate said the organisations will have one coordinator each and he/she (coordinator) would drive the recommended activities to ensure if each organisation is fully committed and delivers the required activities

“In particular the coordinator should link up with the private sector to ensure they are as fully involved as they say they want to be. Much of the success of the programme is dependent on removing breeding sites from the plantations.”