Dust targets ear, nose and throat – NRH warns


Dr Yi-Chu Lin performed the pure tone audiometry (PTA) and discussed the report in the ENT Nurse in Charge Mrs Mary Loduha

DUST experienced in Honiara city is reportedly posing a serious threat on an individual’s ears, nose and throat.

The National Referral Hospital through its ENT Department said the dust causes infection to the ear, nose and throat.

The ear, nose and throat (ENT) department say they are currently dealing with a number of cases relating to this.

ENT Nurse in Charge Mrs Mary Loduha said the dust Honiara city is facing contributes to disease affecting the ear, nose and throat – most vulnerable ones are children.

“ENT is the entry of air into the body, and anything that is foreign outside example we live in dusty roads, people breathe them and will experience cough or cough from lung.

“When we cough a lot body respond and produce mucus, and those mucus if it blocked the nose and not blown out properly then it will closed the tube which connect with nose and ear.

“This tube can cause problem if people have congesting nose and coughing, etc.”

She said if this tube is blocked it can cause pressure imbalance and also infection in nose and throat; and if migrate to the tube it can cause swelling and pain which is dangerous.

Loduha advises public to stay from dust, use mask and do not be exposed to dust when traveling on the road.

She also adds the dust is highly risky for babies and young ones as it has been observed that many mothers expose their babies to the dust.

“Use mask or other protective tools to prevent babies from dust,” she said.

Throughout this month, Dr Yi-Chu Lin- Division of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan has supported to operate few patients of ENT.

She provided medical services in ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) clinic of National Referral Hospital twice weekly.

Dr Lin has helped to do several ENT biopsies and minor surgery such as incision and drainage in the ENT clinic.

Besides, she managed some consultations from surgical and paediatric departments for head and neck cancer, thyroid tumour, and congenital disorders.

Lin was dispatched by Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan government and Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, to join the Taiwan Health Centre in Solomon Islands.

She delivered volunteer services in National Referral Hospital from July 1-31.

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