School reforestation programme in Malaita province

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THE Malaita Provincial Forestry Office has reported that they will soon roll with the school reforestation programme for secondary schools in the province.

The programme is a continuation from last year and has been in action in the province since its inception in 2016.

In charge officer at the Reforestation unit under Auki Forestry Office, Mr Rony Aiwewe said so far they have visited eight schools and are preparing to visit more schools this year.

He said programme involves awareness on the importance of reforestation to students and planting tree activity.

Aiwewe explained that the idea behind the programme is to teach the young generation on the importance of forests especially its management.

“So we see it essential for younger generation to know the importance of the forest for future use,” Aiwewe said.

He said during the programme they will demonstrate to students how to plant trees – a vital component of reforestation.

Aiwewe said they have introduced three trees species under the programme; teak, mahogany and eucalyptus spp trees, and they help students to do planting around the school boundaries.

He said the eight secondary schools they have so far visited with the programme are within Central and West Kwara’ae.