Suidani wraps up visit to south-eastern region of Malaita

(L-R) Former MPA for ward 19, Morris Houahe, Premier Daniel Suidani, Manawai Chief, Jerial Papapu and current MPA for ward 19, Meshack Maukera in the market facility.
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Premier Daniel Suidani has visited the South-eastern region of Malaita province, a first since the last visit by any premier four decades ago.

The visit was part of the premier’s office attempt to engage with people in the province; Mr Suidani had also made a number of similar visits to other parts and regions of the province.

Suidani and delegation concluded the tour early this week after he visited five communities Manawai, Honoa and Hautahe in East Are Are and Fanalei-Fouele and Walande communities in Small Malaita.

The visit is to bring the government of Malaita to the people they represent and see how they could work together to address common needs of the province.

Also during the visit the team handed over a PCDF funded market project at Manawai to the communities and had a site visit to PCDF projects especially at Hautahe.

Members of Manawai community and its surrounding communities attended the handing over ceremony.

Premier and team were happy to meet communities in the region, saying this is the fulfillment of a representative leader who has a duty to serve their people.

Suidani thanked the communities for their hospitality and for the opportunities to learn, engage and dialogue with each other and their provincial government. 

“This is the purpose of the visit to bring the government of Malaita to the people and see how we could work together to address common needs of the province,” he said.

“If you’re a person who takes-up public office and sit-down behind computers in Auki that doesn’t show the commitment you have to your people.

“And this visit is a fulfillment or truth of the right thing we should do as leaders to go to our people and hear from them,” he said.

Foulofo panpipers provide entertainment during handing over of the PCDF funded market to Manawai coimmunity last week.

Suidani said the visit should not be viewed in the lens of history; rather it should be viewed as an obligation leaders must do.

On that note, people from the communities thanked Suidani and team for the visit saying this is the latest visit to that part of the province since late Stephen Tonafalea’s visit almost 40 years ago.

They said that all along they felt left-out of provincial government and the visit has re-strengthened them as important stakeholders to MPG to work together for the development of the province.

People also thanked Suidani and MARA government for insights provided on the standoff between MPG and national government on the China issue and related issues.

Lots of doubts and narratives on the issue and other development issues had cleared with a show of overwhelming support towards MARA government.