Manawai community thanks MPG for support

Manawai Chief, Jerial Papapu escorted Premier Daniel Suidani to inspect the market building after its official handing over to Manawai community.
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COMMUNTIES of Manawai harbour in East Are Are have thanked the Malaita provincial government and MPGIS through the PCDF programme for funding them a new market building.

Chairman of the Manawai Market committee, Mr Frank Hatahiru said the facility will assist families with income generating to support their livelihood.

He said in the past their forefathers used barter-system to trade with each other in exchange of fish for root crops between coastal and highland people of Are Are.

Premier Daniel Suidani receives a gift of Are Are shell-money from an elder of Manawai communities during the handing over of the market building last week.

Hatahiru said modern money had changed the lives of their people where they need money as access to food, clothes, school fees and etc.

He said as adapted to modern society the elders of Manawai started had a market, but people used to sell their products in an open space at Manawai beach.

“However, today is a different story that we were privileged to have a market facility in our community. It is a historic moment for Manawai people and its surrounding communities.

“The market building will provide conducive environment for my people to sale their products in a safer setting,” Hatahiru said.

Former MP for East Are Are, Andrew Manepora’a, Premier Daniel Suidani and Manawai chief Jerial Papapu posed for a shot in the newly handed over market facility at Manawai.

He also said that the facility will motivate their people to engage in mini commercial farming to sell their products and earn money to support the need of their families.

Hatahiru on that note called on people of Manawai to take ownership, pride, respect and responsibility to care for the facility to serve their well-being and generations to come.

He also called on MARA government for continues support as they will work together to address some of the pressing issues face within Manawai communities.