Lobbying underway for Central province govt

Lobbing for the premiership post in Central Islands province begins this week and is expected to complete by next week.

Former premier and returning MPA for Ward 8 – North-west Ngella, Polycarp Galaigu, said he is confident in taking back the job.

Mr Galaigu said he has a number of outstanding policies to implement, since in his previous tenure he did not have enough time.

Galaigu came in about half-way after ousting the then premier, Stanley Manetiva.

Galagiu said in his small time, he managed to do great changes in Tulagi for example.

He facilitated the Tulagi market upgraded project, the renovation of Tulagi Hospital and the lease agreement made with the canary investors to operate in Tulagi for 75 years as agreed on in a lease document with the company.

Four other provincial members are also vying for the premier’s post.

Elijah Taikole, MPA elect for the ward of East Ngella, Michael Salini, MPA elect for Tulagi ward, Maurice Mae Tinoni, MPA elect for Sandfly and Beaunivesta ward and Kenneth Sagupari, MPA elect for West Ngella ward.


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