Suidani hits back


PREMIER of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani has hit back on the accusations that his administration failed to fulfil their promises in the last three years.

David Suda highlighted the failed promises in an article titled: ‘MARA LEADERSHIP PLAYBOOK – DECEIVING MALAITANS,’ and posted on Malaita Watch social media page.

Suda posed these questions in his article:

  1. Has the Malaita Bank publicly announced by Premier when he received all the shell money from all the Malaita regions at Aimela set up? During the Reconciliation at Aimela, Suidani announced that he will use the Shell Money to start the Bank of Malaita? Was it already set and running? The short answer is NILL
  2. Where are the millions promised to be funded by Taiwan, Israel and USA to develop Malaita Province? NILL
  3. Where is the infrastructure promised in all the colourful speeches of MARA leadership? NILL
  4. Where are the results from the MARA 7-Point Policy? NILL
  5. Where is the referendum for Autonomy promised to be carried out in 2021-2022 and has the UN General Secretary responded to the letter issued by the Premier’s Political Advisor? NILL
  6. Have Malaita become an independent state as promised by MARA leadership? NILL

Furthermore, Suda said the biggest lie was, after all those failed promises made to the people of Malaita over the last three years, MARA leadership now had cleverly crafted the new ‘UMI Political Party’ and again tried to convince Malaitans that the only way to develop Malaita Province was through the ‘UMI Political Party’.

However, Suidani said Malaita Bank is still ongoing because it is part of the MARA’s policy.

He said the delay is because the expertise people to set up the bank are not available.

But, Suidani said his government will still pursue the idea even until the dissolution of the administration.

On Referendum, Suidani said it is still on the table.

He said the visits made to the regions in Malaita is part of the Referendum to get peoples’ views on the idea.

Further to that, Suidani said the projects in the province are still ongoing, namely, the expansion of the Kilu’ufi hospital funded by the Japanese Government; factory at Gwaegio funded by USAID and Winrock projects.

He said Malaita Province is not directly involve in these projects but just stand for democracy in the country.

Moreover, on the new political party ‘Umi Political Party,’ Suidani said there is an interim committee set up to register the members.

He said once all the members are registered, they will register it under the Political Party Commission.

Suidani said so far many people have shown their interest to register with the new political party.

Therefore, Suidani said critics need to provide evidence when trying to accuse his administration.

He believes about 70 percent of projects have been implemented in the province.

Suidani said if the MARA government cannot achieve all the projects at the end of their term, any new government can continue with them or not.

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