Students encouraged to get vaccinated


Students who have not been vaccinated are urged to do so, with those yet to complete theirs told to complete it before going back to school.

This call was strongly emphasised by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD)

Tongoua Tabe, an officer of MERHD, says:

Student is strongly encouraged to go to the vaccination centres to get their vaccinations or to complete their doses.

“Again the Ministry of Health and Medical Services MHMS in collaboration with MEHRD and individual schools should fast track the vaccination programme for schools and make vaccines available for primary school age pupils between the ages of five to 11 years.”

He adds, teachers in schools and parents must take note that there is risk of covid-19 infection when students return to schools so strict health measures must be followed to contain or to reduce the spread.

“It is a requirement for all schools to take note the following requirement.

“The school must have a covid-19 response plan and protocols and this should be communicated with the community so, therefore your covid-19 response protocols in schools must be communicated to nearby communities,” Tabe said.

He said only vaccinated teachers and staffs will be on school grounds. It is recommended that teachers and staffs must be vaccinated. Therefore this is a requirement before you go back to your schools.

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