St Nicholas seniors enjoy a glimpse of Taiwan and Mandarin phrases


Ms Li with one of the students.

ON May 18th, St Nicholas College students spent their afternoon learning a language spoken by 1.2 billion people across the globe, Mandarin.

SINU’s Mandarin teacher, Ms Li Kuei-Mi expressed that the students were quick learners who were eager and happy to learn.

Students were made to understand the Taiwanese culture and language through presentation of videos and interaction that involved singing Mandarin songs and each having a go in belting out Mandarin phrases which they learnt in just two hours.

One of the students, Victoria Piva said the day’s activity was very interesting and meaningful because she enjoyed it.

She adds that after watching the video clips she is now motivated to learn Mandarin. In doing so she will also learn a new culture.

Another student, Yan Shuyee, spoke of how fun and enjoyable the presentation was.

Meanwhile, fellow student, Bronwyn Townshend also found the presentation interesting and she enjoyed seeing different things from a different culture.

The school’s Science teacher, Mr Samuel Avui said that through the awareness activity they discovered the language and cities in Taiwan.

“I have learned something new, culture, and big cities, landscape is good, I have learned a lot of things. My favorite part is the singing in Mandarin language”, he said.

Eddie Raru who is a Malaria technician at GPPOL is one of Ms Li’s students who assisted her throughout with the lessons she carried out.

He said this activity is helpful for the students.

“Because we have to make them aware what’s going on, you need to go to more schools, to let more students know what Mandarin is. I study Mandarin because I wanted to know different life styles from different countries, I think it’s another gateway to go further in life or in career” he said.

School Principal, James Lengi stressed that it is in the school’s interest to have their students speak different languages as learning languages develops critical thinking.

“We all understand very well what Asia is to the Pacific in terms of business, economy, politics, etc., now that we have common ground, we need to understand each other, in order to do so, we must learn different languages available to us”, he said.

Ms Li stated that she is grateful the Principal had accepted her request for this activity.

She said although activities were conducted in the afternoon, the students were still enthusiastic in the presentation.

“These students are quick learners, eager and happy to learn, three of them have even prepared and performed a Mandarin song, that’s very impressive”, said Ms Li.

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