People to people exchange an investment for countries


DURING the recent Eight Pacific Islands Countries Meeting in Japan, leaders have reaffirmed their intention to strengthen people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in all spheres of influence.

Prime Minister Abe pledged Japan’s intention to implement human resource development and people-to-people exchanges of more than 5,000 people from FICs over the next three years, based on the recognition that investment to human capital is the most effective, efficient and enduring mode of support for the future of FICs.

He said this pledged to implement high-quality assistance that draws unique strength to bring direct benefits to the people and the society of the FICs both in soft and hard components by taking into account important factors such as sustainability and economic viability.

“We will enhance people to people exchange further and work together with you all to cultivate leaders who will shoulder the future of the PALM nations.

“Over the next three years, until we gather for the next PALM, Japan intends to work to foster human resources and exchanges for more than 5000 people,” said Abe.

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